“Dun da de Sewolawen: The Heart of Silence”


Feed your phones and e-readers! My Weird SFF zeuhl novelette “Dun da de Sewolawen: The Heart of Silence” is in issue #4 of The New Accelerator! It’s a story about how one generation’s utopia is no longer a utopia to the next generation; it’s simply their home. It’s also a story about loss, adventure, music, tentacular smoke-monsters, and above all about friendship.

Special thanks go to:

Magma (obviously). It was great fun to play with their language. I tried to treat it respectfully, too.

Zali Krishna – for ongoing feedback and inspiration, especially for Bound to Lose and Tolley Boy.

Michael Hellwig, Christian Michael Riesslegger, Christian Maurer, Joshua Levesque – friends, sources of inspiration, players of ideas ping-pong, and quite frequently beta-readers of my stories.

H.P. Lovecraft, Jean ‘Mœbius’ Giraud, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Hayao Miyazaki and China Miéville – who, it seems, have (both consciously and unconsciously) influenced this piece of work.



Victoria Dérive

DSC_1441 Tentacles.

spirit poles 01 More stories.

spirit poles 02 Spirit Poles.

DSC_1451 The Regional Assembly of Text.

DSC_1458 Tiny bedroom hanging from a tree.

DSC_1460 Laughing House.

DSC_1463 Not so sure about this one.

DSC_1465 Roses. Names. (Shakespeare included.)

DSC_1466 Light / City.

DSC_1469 Look!

DSC_1471 Transcendence / Immanence.

Vancouver Dérive

DSC_1402 Structure of the world.

DSC_1403 Thirsty metal monsters.

DSC_1404 Maps don’t work. (Lost Lagoon.)

DSC_1406 Tideland.

DSC_1407 Tide/Land.

DSC_1408 I wish.

DSC_1412 Stars.

DSC_1413 Lost in the Garden.

DSC_1417 Danger. (Paradigm Shift Ahead.)

DSC_1418 Salmon.

DSC_1419 The Future. (feat. Ironing Board Building)

DSC_1422 The Land on Four Stilts. (Canadian edition)

DSC_1424 Ballardian Postcard. (& cormorants!)

DSC_1427 Sweet Sorrow Lounge.

DSC_1428 Tourist Dystopia.

DSC_1429 Shop Sign (Front).

DSC_1430 Shop Sign (Back).

DSC_1431 Lengthening Shadows.

DSC_1433 Cut off.

DSC_1435 Moon.

DSC_1437 End of the Show.