What’s that picture stuck to the back of that plinth? (A galaxy?)

It’s water.

The same people must have put this one up, too, and the longer I look at it the more fascinatingly disturbing it gets.


Washed up

I was walking to work just after a heavy rainstorm, when I suddenly realized that I was no longer walking on a regular sidewalk or even gravel path (like some of those in and around the park) but rather in the middle of a small, very clear stream flowing in the opposite direction. I went on to look where it came from (since there had never been a stream in that spot before) and found that in one place, right in the middle of the path, there was surprisingly clear water bubbling out of the ground. And it made me think… What if all the city’s sluices (…pores, gills, scars,…) suddenly opened and everything that used to be hidden in vaults, caverns and tunnels (…veins, bladders, hideouts…minds?), down there in the dark underbelly of the city, was being washed up? What would come to light?

Discarded tentacle