Vancouver Dérive

DSC_1402 Structure of the world.

DSC_1403 Thirsty metal monsters.

DSC_1404 Maps don’t work. (Lost Lagoon.)

DSC_1406 Tideland.

DSC_1407 Tide/Land.

DSC_1408 I wish.

DSC_1412 Stars.

DSC_1413 Lost in the Garden.

DSC_1417 Danger. (Paradigm Shift Ahead.)

DSC_1418 Salmon.

DSC_1419 The Future. (feat. Ironing Board Building)

DSC_1422 The Land on Four Stilts. (Canadian edition)

DSC_1424 Ballardian Postcard. (& cormorants!)

DSC_1427 Sweet Sorrow Lounge.

DSC_1428 Tourist Dystopia.

DSC_1429 Shop Sign (Front).

DSC_1430 Shop Sign (Back).

DSC_1431 Lengthening Shadows.

DSC_1433 Cut off.

DSC_1435 Moon.

DSC_1437 End of the Show.

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