This should be a 503.

Got up, remembered the internet blackout – but the instructions page for the blackout plugin is already blacked out. (Hah. Imagine a better dystopia. Thank you, wordpress, for making the nightmare more real, and for helping people imagine a censored internet.) Anyway, I’ll be back fiddling with my site soon – and with more info on SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA (something we Europeans should definitely be aware of).

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Take Action!


(Also: today I learned that, of course, ACTA too can be represented by a giant octopus.)



“Many sites – including the Torrent-Finder meta-search engine, the first torrent site to have its domain seized – believed they operate legally, either under US law via compliance with the DMCA or in the countries from where they are hosted or operated.
Last week’s actions changed all that, with the authorities labelling sites like Torrent-Finder “criminal” with no arrests, no trial, and to the outside world, very little due process. Indeed, the government gave no explanation at all why a search engine should appear among a list of sites offering physical counterfeit goods, other than that the entertainment industries asked for it to be there.”

These are not the criminals you are looking for.