…And They’ve Done It Again.

The latest episode of “Black Mirror”, entitled “White Bear” (S02E02), features this ominous symbol, which is first mentioned in combination with a signal that supposedly changes people into zombie-like watchers who, equipped with their smartphones, help so-called hunters take down the ones not affected by this signal. Creepy, right? This is what the symbol looks like:

Now, I have never in my life been in actual contact with Minecraft, let alone playing it, but I’m a citizen of the Internet, and as such I know what a Creeper looks like. For the record, their faces look like this:

If you’re still thinking that any similarities might be purely coincidental, by the time the first hunter arrives you might agree with me:

At this point I felt compelled to ask Minecraft Wiki what exactly it is that Creepers do (besides, well, creep up on players). Here’s what it says:
“The Creeper is a hostile mob that will ambush players and explode, causing damage to the player and the surrounding blocks and entities. Unlike Zombies and Skeletons, Creepers will not catch fire in direct sunlight, meaning they can wander around unharmed any time of the day until it is killed or despawns. However, the creepers will still be aggressive during the day. […]”
It’s downright scary how well this description applies to the zombie-like, camera-wielding population of this week’s nightmarish episode. They don’t really explode, but hey, what do we have those hunters for.
I won’t be giving away all of the plot here (after all, some of you might not have seen it yet, and I strongly recommend it), but in a final plot twist the background story is revealed as what looks very much like Running Man rewritten by Ben Elton’s evil mind twin. And while the whole concept of who the victim is here is seemingly turned around… is it really? After all, it’s not only the judicial system that defines “victims” and “perpetrators”, and it’s not only the tabloids that distort things for us to read at the hairdressers and feed our inner rubberneckers while we’re waiting for the dye to take effect. I think this episode makes it very clear that this is about actual living people – including the ones in front of the television. Even if one reviewer is of the opinion that it is “marred” by “the incessant screaming and crying of the ‘victim’ [note the quotation marks] that engenders a longing for someone to put her out of her misery”. To me as a viewer, her pain feels very real. And no matter the circumstances, even if a person is guilty of a crime, what gives anyone the right to torture her? In the end, respawn after respawn, what remains, what returns every time without fail, is the pain, and the Creepers. All of us.


Something to watch (out for)

If I hadn’t already posted the smashed TV graffiti on 7 December, I’d do so today.
If you haven’t seen “Black Mirror” yet, you really should give it a try. After last night’s episode, everyone should technically smash their TV (and I’m not even starting about Facebook and all the rest), but I know that nobody will, and that makes it even more true.
Anyway, I hope they can keep the standard up, because I think it’s brilliant. Not least because it hurts so much.

As for myself, I’m still trying to make all the other realities break through.

Today’s highlights: Crows and squid

Today on my way to work I noticed a crow that was trying to crack a walnut by repeatedly dropping it from a high branch, always swooping down in a dangerous-looking nose-dive to check on the state of the nut. Not a bad method, but maybe doing this in a different place would be more efficient: I was reminded of the time I watched some of the resident crows in Innsbruck’s Hofgarten placing some walnuts in the middle of the nearest street, then retreating to safety and waiting for passing cars to crack the nuts for them. (And I just learned that Japanese and Californian crows are doing this as well.) I guess Styrian crows could learn a lot from them.

I’m already looking forward to tonight, when I’ll finally get to see the ING giant squid special. (Just look at those pictures!!) :D

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

So, what did we do for (Un)Valentine’s Day? Right! Stay in, watch The IT Crowd and The Changeling (featured in the Boston Globe’s list of the top 50 scariest horror movies of all time), and eat my freshly baked Triple Chocolate Cupcakes.
The recipe I used for the batter is basically Isa’s recipe for Chocolate Orange Cupcakes. I just skipped the “orange” part and added chunks of dark chocolate instead of melting it. Then, to make the chocolate & chocolate chunk cupcakes even more decadent, I decorated them with Anna’s Chocolate Frosting, using rum flavour extract instead of the almond extract (so it tasted a lot like chocolate rum truffles).
And for the second time in a row, the ppk’s archives have helped me use up what’s left in my kitchen cupboards – and made a couple of chocolate lovers very happy! :D

Even unfrosted, they’re really pretty!

Cupcake Paradise.