“Déjà Tué” is a recording of one of my (slightly unusual) ghost stories.

Here (and now also on Bandcamp) is a reading from my novelettino, “Dun da de Sewolawen: The Heart of Silence”. (It is available in paperback and DRM-free ebook.)

I’m the voices of 1st & 3rd colonist in episode 1 of NEAR ANDROMEDA, a science fiction radio play by Zali Krishna. (There is also a Youtube version.)

I’ve also recorded some horror stories for the amazing NoSleep Podcast, produced by David Cummings. Here is a collection of links to all the episodes that include my recordings:

S01E11: Halloween episode 2011
(“The Crawling House on Black Pond Road”, written by William Dalphin)

(“A Horrible Game”, written by Lexie X.)

(“Georgie’s”, written by Christopher MacTaggart)

(“When You Wish Upon A Star”, written by Anna Smith)

“When You Wish Upon A Star” is an unfinished series which will be compiled in its entirety in season 3 of the NoSleep Podcast.

Update: I’m very pleased to confirm that, yes, that’s me among the voice samples for the amazing new NoSleep Podcast season 3 intro. (The snippets are from “The Crawling House on Black Pond Road”, which I still like best of all my narrations.) I’m also back with some new narrations:

(“REM Behaviour Disorder”, written by Elizabeth Brochu)

(“BANG”, written by Roxi Moon)

(“I Need Sound to Stay Normal“, written by Mika Tateyama; Music by Brandon Boone)

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