More Creative Writing News

Wyrd Daze has expanded onto Patreon and I’m happy to be a regular contributor to their Writers Club. I’m in excellent company too! Take a look at the new Patreon page and the many cool rewards for patrons.
Here you can find the current issue 6 showcase, and here’s the showcase for issue 5 (featuring my short story “Déjà Tué” as well as a comic strip entitled “Who by Fire”, which I’ve collaborated on with Joshua Levesque).


More fiction!

You can find my short story “Déjà Tué” *and* “Who by Fire”, a collaborative comic strip with art by Joshua Levesque, in issue 5 of the excellent zine Wyrd Daze. I love their format, since it’s a multimedia zine. Subscribing will also get you the podcast, music playlist and additional materials. This issue features some amazing stuff – I feel that I’m in *very* good company here.