Dun da de Sewolawen: The Heart of Silence. Print edition from Polyversity Press, February 2018. (First published in a slightly different format in The New Accelerator Issue #4, June 2015.)

Short Stories

“Underground Oversight”. In: Open Polyversity Two. Polyversity Press, December 2018.

“Courielle”. In: Open Polyversity One. Polyversity Press, July 2018.

“Thirty Birds”. In: Wyrd Daze 7, June 2014 (exclusive Patreon “Writers Club” content).

“Déjà Tué” in Wyrd Daze 5, March 2014.

“Children of the Revolution”. In: VISIONARIUM 1: Tod und Verdammnis, January 2014.

“The Lost City of Emory Winters” in The Big Click, September 2013.

“The Encounter”, blogged in February 2013.

Flash Fiction

“Living Lining (TM)” and “Three Wishes: Plastic. A cli-fi fairy tale”. In: Open Polyversity Three. Polyversity Press, May 2019.

“PWNED”. In: David Nell (ed) 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF & Fantasy Tales. Dreamscape Press 2013.


A trilogy of psychogeographical poems (“Derivista’s Break”, “What I Wanted to Show You”, “Roadside Remix”). In: Wyrd Daze 10, November 2014.

Scripts for Other Media

“Who by Fire”, a collaborative comic strip with art by Joshua Levesque in Wyrd Daze 5, March 2014.

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