Dun da de Sewolawen: The Heart of Silence. Print edition from Polyversity Press, February 2018. (First published in a slightly different format in The New Accelerator Issue #4, June 2015.)

Short Stories

“Underground Oversight”. In: Open Polyversity Two. Polyversity Press, December 2018.

“Courielle”. In: Open Polyversity One. Polyversity Press, July 2018.

“Thirty Birds”. In: Wyrd Daze 7, June 2014 (exclusive Patreon “Writers Club” content).

“Déjà Tué” in Wyrd Daze 5, March 2014.

“Children of the Revolution”. In: VISIONARIUM 1: Tod und Verdammnis, January 2014.

“The Lost City of Emory Winters” in The Big Click, September 2013.

“The Encounter”, blogged in February 2013.

Flash Fiction

“PWNED”. In: David Nell (ed) 100 Worlds: Lightning-Quick SF & Fantasy Tales. Dreamscape Press 2013.


A trilogy of psychogeographical poems (“Derivista’s Break”, “What I Wanted to Show You”, “Roadside Remix”). In: Wyrd Daze 10, November 2014.

Scripts for Other Media

“Who by Fire”, a collaborative comic strip with art by Joshua Levesque in Wyrd Daze 5, March 2014.


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