Weird architecture (hoax)

This one’s for Kris, who is too far away to take walks and discover new things with me.
First of all (in reply to an earlier conversation), I don’t think that building a weird tower out of lopsided glass cubes is such a bad idea, not even (or maybe especially not) in a neighbourhood built in an older and altogether different style. Besides, take a closer look at the sign in the picture: This is obviously where the leech people are going to live. (Of course that’s not what the Hiruda call themselves.) Don’t you think the university quarter could do with a little Weird? ;)


mystery key

Yesterday I found this on my way home from work.
The key couldn’t even be turned in the lock, but I figured that somewhere, in the right place at the right time, there had to be something it could unlock. Some door it could open in a wall that previously had no doors.
Today I showed it to Kris and Feli in the garden of a small café, and there the key actually turned and could even be removed from the lock. Later we realized that the café’s cash register still says “Schillinge” and “Groschen” below its mechanical display (Austria’s old currency before the introduction of the Euro in 2002).
We’re very close.