Happy Halloween, everybody!

Oh wow, where did October go? I’ll have to read a last-minute Bradbury short story collection!
And I admit being a bit envious of everyone who is someplace where they have a chance to celebrate Halloween – or Guy Fawkes Day next Friday (maybe especially that). I’m not doing anything specific, since Halloween is not really celebrated in Austria. There are a couple of costume parties at some bars, but they’re not my kind of party. So I guess I’ll spend tonight watching monster movies (once again), and maybe even The Nightmare Before Christmas (to which I know all the lines).
Tomorrow will be the start of NaNoWriMo and Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food). I’m trying to participate in both, so be prepared for lots more food-related posts. Again, this is not a form of proselytization or me asking for endless debates about any “right” way to eat and live – it’s about the healthy and animal-friendly alternatives out there, and about discovering new things to eat.
So I’ll be back tomorrow (and as often as I can during Vegan MoFo) with fresh pics and recipes.
In the meantime, happy Halloween everybody! (Cookie) monsters are always welcome here. Vampires (of the non-sparkling kind) will receive special invitations. And not to forget: Shoggoths unite!


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, everybody!

  1. Mhh, yummy recipes! Another blog I read made October ‘Vegan Month’, so I already saw a few nice ones…and for November to continue like that, yay! :)
    On my walk yesterday I encountered a group of teens, shouting and screaming in the forest…I think one of the good things of living on the 8th floor, besides the view, is that I don’t get crazy trick and treaters anymore. ;)

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