New short story: “Courielle”


“Courielle”, the most upbeat thing I’ve ever written, can be found in the first issue of a new and exciting genre-defying quarterly (or thereabouts): Open Polyversity One.

This is how Polyversity Press describes the anthology:

“Open Polyversity is a laboratory.

Open Polyversity is a Journal of Misc Studies. It contains fiction, poetry, comics, photography, collage, drawing, an essay on art education and many other diverse materials.

Contributions from: Arwen Xaverine Bennett, Adrian Carter, Edmund Davie, Andrew Demetrius, Simon Drax, Richard Fontenoy, Melanie Georgiou, Phillip Raymond Goodman, Steve Hiddlestone, Zali Krishna, Solomon Kirchner, Clive Nolan, Zoe Plumb, Christina Scholz, Dan Sumption, Brian Turner and Paula Turner.”

My story features an introverted LGBTQ+ protagonist, typography, etymology, and urban monsters. It does not have an “action-driven plot”, and I wouldn’t know how to define its genre. It’s a good thing I don’t have to. ;)