The Vitamix Experiments #2: Chicky Tuna Salad


The second test recipe I chose for the little S 30 was the Chicky Tuna Salad from my favourite cookbook ever: Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I’ve missed being able to make this in a food processor or blender, so now it’s back to being a staple recipe in my kitchen. The “tuna” factor in this vegan dish comes from two sources: chickpeas for the texture and seaweed for the flavour. And with some extra crunchiness from chopped-up carrots and sunflower seeds, it’s just about perfect, whether with some extra veggies on the side or all of it wrapped up in a wholegrain tortilla.

This time I had to be very careful not to accidentally overmix the vegetables. This little blender packs some serious power!

Chopping onions without tears (but with the carrots thrown in):



First casualty: the tip of my new spatula. (Memo to myself: 1. Make sure you’re fully awake. 2. If needed, find more coffee or tea. 3. Use the tamper when the motor is ON; only use the spatula when the motor is OFF.)