The Vitamix Experiments #5: Coconut Butter


When I read this post on Oh She Glows, I knew I had to give this a try. And it’s true: making your own coconut butter in a Vitamix is super easy. It only took the S 30 about 8 minutes, and while the result isn’t exactly making me squee, I guess this too can be modified with various flavours, and I think it’s another great feature of a high speed blender I wouldn’t have thought of by myself. Besides, I haven’t used coconut butter in baking yet, and I love baking with coconut milk, so I’ll have to give this a try soon.

All in all, the little S 30 seems to be a keeper so far. I’ll experiment some more with hummus and pasta sauces and salad dressings and smoothies, and if I come across something surprising and marvellous, I’ll let you know. And if the S 30 doesn’t suddenly and unexpectedly act up, it can stay (and will probably be named after something from a Jack Vance novel, since it comes from the future and makes nice food).



The Vitamix Experiments #4: Strawberry Sorbet


Of course I had to try it! Unfortunately, I can’t freeze bananas right now, since the unpredictable Fridge from Hell might find random ways of destroying them if I tried. But I can get frozen berries from the supermarket. So I threw a packet of frozen strawberries in the S 30 and turned them into sorbet. Just like that!

The motor got a little hot (I could smell it – but nothing alarming), but it didn’t switch itself off or do anything weird, and then I had strawberry sorbet.

It’s nice, and/but having tried it, I can easily see how you could modify it by adding yogurt, coconut milk etc. to make it into even better ice cream. And the Vitamix might prefer that too.



The Vitamix Experiments #3: Ice and Greens


Ha! I made two big ice cubes! Not slush, not containers frozen into a big block of ice that fills what doesn’t even resemble a regular freezer compartment in the silly Fridge from Hell. And yes, I used American pill boxes, which a kind internet person once sent me because I mentioned I like how they look. (Probably just a case of TV-and-cinema-induced exoticism.) Anyway. The S 30 eats ice cubes for breakfast.

Also spinach leaves, pre-soaked chia seeds and a whole cardamom pod (which may be a little too much cardamom for one big smoothie, but I’m not complaining). Blended with a banana and soymilk, plus some cinnamon.



The Vitamix Experiments #2: Chicky Tuna Salad


The second test recipe I chose for the little S 30 was the Chicky Tuna Salad from my favourite cookbook ever: Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I’ve missed being able to make this in a food processor or blender, so now it’s back to being a staple recipe in my kitchen. The “tuna” factor in this vegan dish comes from two sources: chickpeas for the texture and seaweed for the flavour. And with some extra crunchiness from chopped-up carrots and sunflower seeds, it’s just about perfect, whether with some extra veggies on the side or all of it wrapped up in a wholegrain tortilla.

This time I had to be very careful not to accidentally overmix the vegetables. This little blender packs some serious power!

Chopping onions without tears (but with the carrots thrown in):



First casualty: the tip of my new spatula. (Memo to myself: 1. Make sure you’re fully awake. 2. If needed, find more coffee or tea. 3. Use the tamper when the motor is ON; only use the spatula when the motor is OFF.)