Queerversity: Desire and Sexuality in China Miéville’s Fiction


I’ve got a new article in Alluvium! It’s basically my paper from the academic stream at last year’s Worldcon (the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention / Loncon 3), now with more material and better editing. (Thank you, Caroline!)

Another big thank you goes to my friend Joy, who introduced me to the Queer Theory of Antke Engel.


Review: Three Moments of an Explosion by China Miéville


My review of China’s new short story collection is up on Strange Horizons. This book has something for (almost) every kind of reader: composite monsters, complex characters, new and radically different zombies, fascinating worldmaking, unspeakable horror from deep underwater, sentient (socialist) dust, friendship and romance, archaeology, uncanny scrimshaw, burning stags, fake movie trailers, and even a touch of military SF. And my review even comes with a TL;DR, so don’t waste any more time and get the book. ;)