Sign of Life

I’ve been so busy I even missed this year’s Halloween post. Well, ghosts and monsters are around all year, so maybe we should break with another tradition.

I’ve been gone long enough for wordpress to have logged me out. I imagine some sort of doorkeeper, a hellhound or a dragon, turning its massive head away as if it won’t recognize me, just because I stayed away too long. (At least I remember the password.)

In case you’re wondering where I am – something huge and indescribable has swallowed me up, and no, it’s not Twitter. (But you can get fleeting glimpses of me there, as I’m flitting about, carrying huge stacks of paperbacks, mumbling to myself). But I’m well, and enjoying myself immensely. It’s just… I may be some time.

I will be back, soon enough. I guess I’ll even drop by from time to time to feed you pictures and other snippets. See you soon, I hope.


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