Super late MoFo Post #14: Sorry, MoFoers!

I’m still kind of sick, and I should really take some more time to just lie on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. Nevertheless, because I don’t even listen to myself, I’m leaving for a conference tomorrow, because my voice is almost back, and I want to do this. Please bear with me; I know I’m insufferable.
While I’m gone, please get acquainted with one more friend for a lonely slice of toast: It’s called Hasolé, and let me assure you, the picture of a hazelnut somewhere on the label is purely decorative. This is basically a stripy mix of fat and sugar, and it’s lovely. I eat it with a spoon, but I hear it’s also nice on toast.
See you soon – hopefully with more toast-related stuff in tow!


2 thoughts on “Super late MoFo Post #14: Sorry, MoFoers!

  1. I got it in Austria; it’s Spar’s store brand (and comparatively cheap here). I know there’s Spar in the UK, but I doubt they have stores in the US or international shipping. Sorry.

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