MoFo Post #13: Pumpkin Interlude

Today I battled a 3.7 kilo butternut squash and won. Just take a look at my freezer compartment! All the orange baggies in the upper half are ziplocks filled with pureed squash. (Not just today’s, though – there are also some smaller pieces of Piena di Napoli from a couple of weeks ago.) You see, I live in a place where there is no canned or otherwise preserved pumpkin. Sure, we can get roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkinseed oil all year (the latter is amazing over vanilla ice cream, believe it or not!), but pumpkin (and squash – we don’t even discriminate, it’s all “Kürbis” to us) is very much a seasonal thing. So every year I try to roast, puree and freeze as much as I can, so when pumpkin season is over I’ll still be able to make soups and cakes and whatnot. Let’s see how long I’ll be able to hold out this time.
To get back to the matter of toast: does anyone have a good recipe for pumpkin butter? If so, please do post a link in the comment section. I’ve been dying to make some.


  1. Frozen puree in ziplock bags! Brilliant. And a much more efficient use of scarce freezer space than freezing raw/diced, as I’ve done on occasion. (Mostly, I just keep the -whole- pumpkins in the cellar with the potatoes, where they last more or less through the winter, at least.)

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