MoFo Post #10: Did somebody say Tartex?

Well, okay, it’s not exactly Tartex, since Tartex tends to be a) really expensive, and b) most of the time only available in two varieties, i.e. undefinable pinkish stuff and cremini mushroom. So today’s toast is spread with Alnatura Green Pepper spread, which is super close to Tartex in taste (basically because it too is based on nooch) and comes in lots of great flavours. Green Pepper (look, it’s got whole peppercorns!) is among my favourites, along with Olive and Basil & Garlic. I still have to make up my mind about the Shiitake one.


  1. My ex-roommate brought me some Alnatura basil and garlic spread and I couldn’t tell any difference from tartex. I love it all. in my belly!

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