MoFo Post #3: Toast with Tomato-Olive Spread

Today I almost overslept. Luckily, Spar now carries this still quite new product series, Spar veggie, that includes some of their “old” vegetarian and vegan convenience foods, plus a lot of new stuff, like hummus, pasta salad, vegan mayonnaise, and new types of spread. This is their tomato-olive spread, which is awesome. And that’s today’s ingredients! Assorted veggies optional. Gosh, I hope I can come up with some more interesting things soon. But there you go: I said I’d do a month of toast.

2 thoughts on “MoFo Post #3: Toast with Tomato-Olive Spread

  1. It tastes amazing too. The Spar spreads are very different from Tartex, though. (Alnatura spreads, on the other hand, are basically the same.) Most of them, including this one, are soybean-based, while some (like the pineapple curry one) are chickpea-based, and they don’t have nooch. At all. Very flavourful, nonetheless. Just different.

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