Super late MoFo Post #14: Sorry, MoFoers!

I’m still kind of sick, and I should really take some more time to just lie on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. Nevertheless, because I don’t even listen to myself, I’m leaving for a conference tomorrow, because my voice is almost back, and I want to do this. Please bear with me; I know I’m insufferable.
While I’m gone, please get acquainted with one more friend for a lonely slice of toast: It’s called Hasolé, and let me assure you, the picture of a hazelnut somewhere on the label is purely decorative. This is basically a stripy mix of fat and sugar, and it’s lovely. I eat it with a spoon, but I hear it’s also nice on toast.
See you soon – hopefully with more toast-related stuff in tow!


MoFo Post #13: Pumpkin Interlude

Today I battled a 3.7 kilo butternut squash and won. Just take a look at my freezer compartment! All the orange baggies in the upper half are ziplocks filled with pureed squash. (Not just today’s, though – there are also some smaller pieces of Piena di Napoli from a couple of weeks ago.) You see, I live in a place where there is no canned or otherwise preserved pumpkin. Sure, we can get roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkinseed oil all year (the latter is amazing over vanilla ice cream, believe it or not!), but pumpkin (and squash – we don’t even discriminate, it’s all “Kürbis” to us) is very much a seasonal thing. So every year I try to roast, puree and freeze as much as I can, so when pumpkin season is over I’ll still be able to make soups and cakes and whatnot. Let’s see how long I’ll be able to hold out this time.
To get back to the matter of toast: does anyone have a good recipe for pumpkin butter? If so, please do post a link in the comment section. I’ve been dying to make some.

MoFo Post #12: Garlic Toast

I probably should have used baguette for this, but even with multigrain toast it turned out great. For this I squeezed a whole bulb of garlic (my amazing purple variety that doesn’t have cloves) into a small container, covered it with olive oil, put the lid on and refrigerated it overnight. Spread the resulting oil-and-garlic paste on toast with some added salt and broiled it in the oven. (My toaster oven is still in a box somewhere, and I do miss it.) You might think that that’s a lot of garlic, but hey, I’m combatting some serious lurgies here, and besides it’s practically the weekend and it’s not as if I’m even leaving the house any time soon. (Also, yum. Will add some herbs next time, though.)

MoFo Post #11: Vegemite

Here’s a controversial one: Vegemite! I’ve had people tell me it tastes like feet, but I actually like the stuff. Every time I go to the UK, I bring back a jar. And to be honest, I’ve never had Marmite so far, so I can’t even take sides. What’s your opinion? Marmite or Vegemite? Or do you also think it tastes like feet?

MoFo Post #10: Did somebody say Tartex?

Well, okay, it’s not exactly Tartex, since Tartex tends to be a) really expensive, and b) most of the time only available in two varieties, i.e. undefinable pinkish stuff and cremini mushroom. So today’s toast is spread with Alnatura Green Pepper spread, which is super close to Tartex in taste (basically because it too is based on nooch) and comes in lots of great flavours. Green Pepper (look, it’s got whole peppercorns!) is among my favourites, along with Olive and Basil & Garlic. I still have to make up my mind about the Shiitake one.

MoFo Post #9: Hummus and Colourful Herbs

Today’s ingredients: multigrain toast and hummus, sprinkled with chili salt and “Alles im Grünen” Salatkräutermischung / Just Greens Salad Seasoning by Sonnentor. (Ingredients according to the packaging: stinging nettle, parsley, oregano, ramsons, thyme, sunflower blossoms, rose blossoms, cornflowers. From certified organic farms.) Click the image to see the colourful bits. (Sorry about the cellphone pics; I can’t seem to find my good camera.) And let me tell you: it tasted awesome.