Mangolds: For those times when you actually want to get a salad

Last MoFo I told you about Ginko, my favourite vegetarian restaurant (with lots of vegan options). This time let’s take a look at the other popular eatery in town, Mangolds.

Again, this is all self-service buffet style, only this one looks much more like a cafeteria in a school or hospital. Very simple, rectangular chairs and tables, and bare walls. But what about the food, since that’s what we’re mainly here for? Well, I guess if you want a hot dish, you have to be lucky. The couple of times I went there, I actually had to go back to the salad buffet, since every single hot dish contained eggs or dairy. But then according to their homepage they are constantly changing the menu, so maybe it’s just that I can’t be too spontaneous and might have to check the day’s dishes online first.

Anyway. Their salad buffet is amazing. Just look at my pics. This huge plate had lettuce, rucola, scarlet runner beans (my favourite beans in the whole world, and a regional specialty), chickpeas, cannellini beans, tomatoes, zucchini, scorzonera (something I never had before but really loved), spelt, olives and pasta salad. Topped with some really nice vinegar (but I forgot what kind) and more pumpkinseed oil (that’s practically compulsory here).

They also have kombucha and Makava ice tea.

All in all, the atmosphere and the choice of hot dishes could still be very much improved – but when you really want a salad, go get it at Mangolds. After all, they have takeout boxes too.

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