Vegan product of the week: innocent smoothies

Fel knows what I’m talking about. Sometimes these little guys are all that protects my nerve endings from getting frayed. Well, metaphorically. I can get most flavours at the supermarket just across the street, and now they even have the 0.75 l cartons. Best thing: innocent is the just about the only brand available here that doesn’t add milk powder to their coconut smoothie (something I don’t understand anyway).


  1. These little beauties are what kept me alive and healthy during my Erasmus stay in London. I really can only attribute that to Innocent. It definitely wasn’t the hot chocolates with marshmallow I used to get myself at the stall in front of the library… ;)

  2. Well, damn you!

    I’d been very hesitant to try the Innocent smoothies because they’re not exactly cheap and all the other store-bought smoothies I’d been trying in the past were either to sweet or too sugary for my taste. But then I read your blog entry and figured I’d give the Innocent ones a try, and now I’m hooked on the coconut-pineapple-banana one.

    It’s all your fault! *points finger accusingly*

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