Travelling book: The Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus

From the blurb:
You could be the world’s next vegan. It’s easy if you know how, and this uniquely helpful book tells you everything you need to know. Every topic related to vegan living is covered, including cooking, nutrition, food shopping, dining out, and much more. You’ll get clear and straight-forward guidance from one of the world’s most respected vegan authors. Going vegan is something you can easily accomplish; let The Ultimate Vegan Guide show you the way.

This is a really helpful book for new or aspiring vegans. It shows you how going vegan doesn’t mean missing out on anything, but rather trying out new foods and hopefully learning one or two things about nutrition on the way. It helps you with your grocery shopping, dining out, finding replacements for eggs and dairy, and even includes a recipe for cashew cheese. I really liked this book, but I thought it was very much cut out for people who live (and do their grocery shopping) in the US, so I’ve decided to pass my copy on to another vegan who might need it more than I do. If you’re interested, all you have to do is comment on this post and include a way I can reach you (e.g. a link to your own blog or your email). I’ll leave this open for a week and pick a winner at random next weekend.
One more thing. I’ve registered my copy on, which means that it has a label with a BCID number inside the front cover that you can enter on the website to see where this book has been and who has read it. I’d really appreciate it if you added a comment of your own. Of course you can keep the book if you want to, but you can also pass it on any time, and future readers will hopefully add to its “travel diary”.


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