Pan-roasted Gnocchi

This might not look too spectacular, but believe me, it’s worth a post. So far, I’ve only ever cooked gnocchi in salt water. Well, I recently learned that you can roast them in a non-stick skillet too, and apparently it makes a huge difference. So that’s what I tried today. The sauce is just a quickly whipped-together basic tomato sauce with onions, garlic, corn and peas, salt, pepper, chili, and some basil and oregano. But the gnocchi that I roasted in my non-stick wok skillet coated with olive oil… Well, they taste just a bit like oven potatoes, and they’re slightly crisped on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. It does make all the difference. And I have a new favourite way to prepare gnocchi.


3 thoughts on “Pan-roasted Gnocchi

  1. That’s awesome. I’ve never heard of cooking gnocchi like that. I really didn’t like it when I tried boiling it so I’ll be giving this a go.

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