MoFo Post #22: Insanity – Tots à la mode!!

The craziness that is about to unfold started on the ppk boards, when Louzilla started a discussion about tater tots and ice cream, because someone had got to her blog by googling “tots à la mode”. We had to find out what that would be like! My only problem: There are no tots in Austria. And since they’re frozen, I can’t have any shipped to me either (thanks anyway, Meggs). The only solution: I needed to make my own tots!
Luckily, CNA found me this recipe, and I was all set to embark on the quest for… tots à la mode.

So first I chopped some potatoes really small (even smaller than in this pic)…

…then added chopped onions, flour, salt and pepper…

…and formed that into little balls…

…which I then fried in my non-stick wok skillet.

Here they are after frying (and I guess my mobile might have got a bit greasy, which could be the reason the image is a little blurred):

At night I (…cleaned my mobile…) reheated them in the oven and – ta da! – served them with soy vanilla ice cream. I really felt like adding some maple syrup, but I’d used that up making cookies, so I did the next best thing and brought out the pumpkin seed oil. (To those of you who have never tried vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil: Do it!!) The tots à la mode experience was… interesting. Hot and salty / cold and sweet at the same time. I would never have done this without the ppk, so kudos to all of you. You’re constantly keeping me from going sane.


15 thoughts on “MoFo Post #22: Insanity – Tots à la mode!!

  1. YOU DID IT. Oh my goodness, tot-less…
    You go and not only make tots, but a la mode them?! You’re my heroine.

  2. Now THIS… I’m not even sure what to say about this. But I will tell you, I never once considered such a combination. And now I can’t stop thinking about it. Crazy, but undeniably creative combo! I might be in trouble because Trader Joe’s now sells frozen vegan tater tots. Send help.

  3. Haha I can’t believe you actually did this! Everything looks so fantastic, they really look like tots (we call em potato gems in Oz).

  4. Like you’re in much danger of going sane any time soon. Not with that dissertation looming! ;D
    But while it has become decidedly too cold here to try anything a la mode -at least until I live somewhere with central heating and European-style insulation-), I’ll definitely heed BitterSweet’s advice next time I head to the local TJ’s.

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