MoFo Post #19: Cappuccino Cookies

Another recent IKEA find: There’s a new flavour of ginger snaps (or Pepparkakor), which is cappuccino. I was already in love with the orange flavoured version, but these are nice too. It might sound wrong (especially since they’re coffee flavoured), but I even dunked them in my tea (quickly, though – they’re really thin and fragile!). And for those of you who are wondering: Yes, that is indeed my cup. I got it from a co-worker, which might explain one or two things. ;)

3 thoughts on “MoFo Post #19: Cappuccino Cookies

  1. !!! I love the orange ones, I wanted to see if they had other flavours on my last ikea visit, but they only had the orange ones, so fragrant :)

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