MoFo Post #17: granola bars #1

More goodies from that epic ppk swap package. I’m always curious to try out new things, and these bars were the first items I picked – mainly because I needed something to take to work, and granola bars are one of my favourite “emergency snacks”. There’s always a book in my bag, and most of the time there’s a secret stash of granola bars as well.
The Lemon Ginger Bar was very nice, although I thought it was a bit dry. On the back of the wrapper it says you can soak it before eating, which is something I would never have considered, but now I kind of understand.
Those Off The Farm bars could become a new addiction of mine, if I could only get them here. Especially the blueberry vanilla almond one. Very fruity, not to sweet, and just the right mixture of flavours. I could eat tons of these.

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