MoFo Post #15: (Rice) Penne and Chreese

Something else I got from Gabrielle, and I’d never had “American” Mac & Cheese before. And it was rice pasta, too!
It took me some time to realize that even the measurements in the cooking instructions were per serving (of which that packet contains two), but finally I had a bowl of gooey pasta (that’s not pictured, since it wasn’t pretty at all any more). Okay for a post-uni meal when you don’t really have any time to cook, I guess (although I had to add a lot of pepper and stuff) – but now I must really try my own recipe for this! I have a ton of nooch, and there’s a big block of “Volcano” in my fridge, so I can play some variations at least…

4 thoughts on “MoFo Post #15: (Rice) Penne and Chreese

  1. Mac & Cheese is something I totally don’t get. Other American staples like PB&J or rootbeer I can wrap my head (& tongue) around, but Kraft Dinner and friends — just no.

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