MoFo post #14: Finally!

I am so glad that someone finally alerted me to the existence of these! I needed something from IKEA and luckily remembered to get some – and while those little balls of fat and sugar (okay, and some oats and a hint of coffee) might be too sweet for some people, they sure aren’t for me. I could happily eat a whole box of them (it’s just as well I only got the one). To whoever hasn’t tried them yet: You really should.

12 thoughts on “MoFo post #14: Finally!

  1. I know those exist, but I’ve never tried them! I think the Swedish chocolate ball recipe in VCIYCJ is similar to these, though, and I looove those balls.

  2. i wish i had known you liked them earlier — i really had to force myself to finish them when i got myself a box to try. ;p

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