MoFo Post #13: Old friends

Persimmons are among my favourite fruits. When I was just old enough to use a small kitchen knife under my granny’s supervision, she showed me how to cut out “the fuzz” (i.e. the part of a maybe-not-quite-ripe-enough persimmon that makes your tongue all fuzzy when you eat it), and since then I’ve been looking forward to persimmon season every year. What I didn’t realize when I moved to Graz was that while around here we’re practically swimming in pumpkins and squashes and pumpkin-and-squash-related products, most “Austrian” persimmons have always been imported from Italy, and now that’s quite a bit further away. For a long time this year I couldn’t spot a single persimmon. And pumpkins are not really the right sort of consolation when you’re looking for one of your favourite childhood memories. But now they’re back! Luckily, I live in the borough with the most Turkish grocery shops, where suddenly persimmons have appeared between the chestnuts and other autumn produce. I’ve even tried “the other variety” for the very first time, the elongated ones that never get as soft as the rounder ones, and although they were a bit different in texture, they tasted divine, and not fuzzy at all!

5 thoughts on “MoFo Post #13: Old friends

  1. wow. it must have been the proximity to italy indeed — i never knew them when i was little, and begun my love affair with persimmons only ten years ago.

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