MoFo Post #11: I’m a manatee.

My latest addiction: seaweed snacks. When Gabrielle (Vijita on the ppk boards) sent me some Seasnax in a swap package in October, I knew I couldn’t live without those any more. I mean, I eat nori with everything. Imagine my joy when I found out that there’s a roasted and salted snack version. Luckily I discovered very similar treats at my local Asian supermarket – and they’re crispy! (“Original flavour” means salt and pepper.) I’m in manatee heaven.
Bonus picture: The silica gel from the bag of Seasnax came in a transparent packet. Since I have never opened one of those, I was quite surprised to see that those granules are transparent too. Cool!


11 thoughts on “MoFo Post #11: I’m a manatee.

  1. Ehehe, oh, all those silica bags I opened and spilled across my bedroom floor…long ago… ;)
    Crispy seaweed sounds terribly addictive.

  2. Seaweed is one of the bestest things there are! I had some in a bowl of ochazuke last night to use up all those tiny flakes I’d ended up with after cutting up nori sheets for some other dish.

    Our local Asian food store sells some very crispy and delicious Korean grilled laver flavoured with grapeseed oil and salt. It’s a bit expensive compared to ordinary yakinori, but very definitely worth it, so if you ever happen to come across it, buy buy buy! (It comes in a big white package with Hangul letters all over the top half, so should be rather easy to spot. The brand is Sempio, I think.)

  3. Green tea, since it was a lazy’n’quick kind of dinner snack using up some leftover rice on the verge of drying out plus a cup of sencha I’d already been brewing up anyways. Comfort food really, just right for late nights when even the simplest things feel like Too Much Work.

  4. oh no! i bought another bag of those for you, and now it won’t be a sursprise anymore! they sell them at every drugstore here, and good thing too, as i have also become addicted instantly. it also comes in -non-vegan- sqid flavour (:/), wasabi, chili, fried/tempura, and, my current favourite, kimchi.

    …well, at least i won’t have to live without them when i gt back, i guess.

  5. Oh, it would have been a wonderful surprise! And now that I know, I’ll have one more thing to look forward too – although of course I’m most looking forward to having you in my neighbourhood again. I miss that.

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