MoFo Post #8: Literal Buns!

What’s that, looking kind of small and timid on that plate going round the running sushi conveyor belt? It’s a bunny-shaped Doushabao from EAT. Those little yeast buns filled with sweet bean paste are one of my favourite treats (even though they look so cute; I know, I’m a monster).

9 thoughts on “MoFo Post #8: Literal Buns!

  1. Wow, that’s ambitious! You could probably use this as guidelines on how to make the baozi: (or google for alternatives). I can get canned sweetened azuki bean paste at my local Asian grocery, but I guess if you can only get the beans, it’s not really hard to improvise. Good luck!
    Oh, and about the taste: very soft steamed yeast dough on the outside, and I always think of azuki paste as quite similar to chestnut paté. :)

  2. Where is this magic Asian store? Canned azuki bean paste sounds like some sort of veggie god has listened to my secret prayers…

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