MoFo Post #7: Testing Mitzi Blue

So Zotter has a new series of chocolates. They come in a square paper package that makes them look a lot like CDs, and there’s even a chocolate disc inside. Okay, food designers, but how does it taste? Apart from the usual dark chocolate varieties, there are two non-dairy bars that struck my eye: Soyamilk (pictured above) and Sesame. Of course I had to try them.
The Soyamilk bar was disappointing. It has goji berries, which I really didn’t like in combination with chocolate, and the chocolate itself didn’t taste half as good as other Zotter varieties (e.g. the Labooko, or even their soy milk baking chocolate). The Sesame bar was a nice surprise, but the taste isn’t really anything that you can call “chocolate” any more.
Besides, it kind of bugs me that on the Zotter homepage lactose intolerance is referred to in every description of their non-dairy products, but the Mitzi Blue Soyamilk description is the only one that mentions vegans.
So, in the end, I guess I’ll stick with my super-sweet Go Max Go bars for now. I don’t often get those, since I have to mail-order them, but when I do, I enjoy them all the more.


8 thoughts on “MoFo Post #7: Testing Mitzi Blue

  1. I felt the same about these new zotter bars, I quite liked the sesame one – but goji, yuch. I do really love the soya milk & matcha combo chocolate from zotter though.

  2. I really like their soy baking chocolate, it’s the only vegan one they carry at my local organic grocery store. The sesame version sounds interesting, I’ll have to keep an eye out for that, but I’ll pass on the goji one, not a fan of dried fruits in chocolate bars.

  3. I liked the goji berry version. I like the on Jojo mentioned better, but they are impossible to find in Dresden since Karstadt stopped selling them.

  4. Interesting. For whatever reason, I’m not very into Zotter chocolates. Though a cafe around here has their chocolate bars that you can turn into hot chocolate, and I think that must be yummy with soy milk.
    The Go Max Go bars are just so sweet. They are yummy, but almost too much for me. My favorite is the Bucaneer, I reviewed them on my blog if you want to take a look! :-)

  5. Hmm. I’d almost started to say something like, “only the BitterClassic and Chili hot chocolate bars are vegan”, but after another quick look at the Zotter homepage it seems that their Sesame & Matcha bar is vegan too. Now I’m intrigued.

  6. Yeah. Vegan chocolate is often disappointing to me. I love Go Max Go for when I’m wanting super sweet and decadent stuff. This place called World Market has AMAZING bars. Dark chocolate sea salt is one of the greatest things ever!

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