MoFo Post #5: Pumpkin “Letscho”

Due to popular request, here’s another thing to do with pumpkin. I had half a small pumpkin left and thought I’d try another experiment. My aim was to come up with something akin to Letscho, only featuring pumpkin. So first I sautéed some cubed onions in a small pot, added some cubed pumpkin and red bell pepper, sautéed everything some more and added some spices on the way (just stuff I thought would fit, probably featuring some mild chili, and I think the specks you see in the pictures might be tiny bits of thyme leaves). Added some veggie broth, let it simmer until soft. Ta-da! The last picture, showing the result of my experiment next to some grilled smoked tofu and mashed potatoes, didn’t turn out pretty at all, since most of the food was gone before I could snap a picture. So, despite its ugliness, I included it as evidence that my experiment was successful.

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