More “hidden sights”

If you cross the Hauptbrücke, you might notice that there are (more and more) padlocks hanging from the net of steel rope that forms the railing on one side (and now starting to spill over onto the other side as well). Take a closer look to see what they are all about…


7 thoughts on “More “hidden sights”

  1. That’s pretty interesting, definitely not something I’ve seen anywhere else before!

    And it looks very recent and like a tradition in the making, which makes it extra nice to see it in its very early stage. I take it that there aren’t any dates before 2010 on the padlocks?

  2. I agree with both of you. And no, there aren’t any dates before 2010. I only noticed the first one or two padlocks right after I moved here, in March 2010, and they only had initials. So it’s definitely a new tradition in the making.

  3. Wow, thanks for the link! I had no clue that the idea came from a book (and possibly a movie). And then city politics, on top of everything else…

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