First (Mini) Harvest

These pretty little (flamed!) tomatoes are the first ripe ones from the “Fuzi Wuzi” plant on my windowsill.


3 thoughts on “First (Mini) Harvest

  1. Fantastic! My harvest this year were 11 strawberries from the windowsill. I’m still waiting for my chickpeas and lentils from the same location.

  2. Ooh, chickpeas and lentils on the windowsill?! You must have at least as much space there as I have in my new flat.
    Now that I know there’s definitely enough (if not a bit too much!) direct sunlight, I’ll be sure to get strawberries too next time!

  3. Wow! Congrats! My tomatoes are still not doing much, but at least I discovered two baby tomatoes today! I’ll be watching over them now…

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