mystery key

Yesterday I found this on my way home from work.
The key couldn’t even be turned in the lock, but I figured that somewhere, in the right place at the right time, there had to be something it could unlock. Some door it could open in a wall that previously had no doors.
Today I showed it to Kris and Feli in the garden of a small café, and there the key actually turned and could even be removed from the lock. Later we realized that the café’s cash register still says “Schillinge” and “Groschen” below its mechanical display (Austria’s old currency before the introduction of the Euro in 2002).
We’re very close.

Washed up

I was walking to work just after a heavy rainstorm, when I suddenly realized that I was no longer walking on a regular sidewalk or even gravel path (like some of those in and around the park) but rather in the middle of a small, very clear stream flowing in the opposite direction. I went on to look where it came from (since there had never been a stream in that spot before) and found that in one place, right in the middle of the path, there was surprisingly clear water bubbling out of the ground. And it made me think… What if all the city’s sluices (…pores, gills, scars,…) suddenly opened and everything that used to be hidden in vaults, caverns and tunnels (…veins, bladders, hideouts…minds?), down there in the dark underbelly of the city, was being washed up? What would come to light?

Discarded tentacle

[construction site]

There are some things that I want to post, but somehow I always postpone posting those that require more work (especially more typing). But I don’t want this blog to stagnate, so I’ll concentrate on changing it a bit, adding stuff that’s not just food (I’d wanted to do that anyway, that’s why I didn’t choose a food-related title). So keep looking in for some of my found objects and other weird stuff.