I’m Fortuna’s favourite child…!

Yesterday I found a notification in my mailbox that said I had to collect a parcel at the P.O.
But I didn’t expect any parcels!!
As it turned out, I’d won this set of two cookbooks in a silly competition about vegetables:

Even though “Kochen mit Gemüse” means “Cooking with Vegetables”, veggies are still not really treated as a main course. A lot of the recipes ask for dead animals, but I’m sure I can easily veganize them all! What I especially like about these books is that the chapters are organized according to types of vegetables. So if you happen to have bought (or harvested) a lot of, say, pumpkin, you can check the pumpkin chapter for inspiration. There’s also a chapter about pickling and making jam, so I guess the books will be put to use soon! :D


3 thoughts on “I’m Fortuna’s favourite child…!

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. I’ve seen so many books wich are supposedly about vegetables and then every recipe calls for dead animals. But I’m sure your vegan versions will turn out delicious.

  2. Surprises are great, especially when they involve cookbooks! But it lets you be super creative. I have a few vegetable cookbooks and the amount of dairy or eggs (or even bacon) they call for is disturbing at times.

  3. Yes, totally. I mean, when I read a title like “Cooking with Vegetables” I really don’t expect it to be all about strips of veal wrapped around some vegetables… X-(
    ETA (to make this less creepy): But I can do this with seitan, and it’s going to be sooo good.

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