I’m Fortuna’s favourite child…!

Yesterday I found a notification in my mailbox that said I had to collect a parcel at the P.O.
But I didn’t expect any parcels!!
As it turned out, I’d won this set of two cookbooks in a silly competition about vegetables:

Even though “Kochen mit Gemüse” means “Cooking with Vegetables”, veggies are still not really treated as a main course. A lot of the recipes ask for dead animals, but I’m sure I can easily veganize them all! What I especially like about these books is that the chapters are organized according to types of vegetables. So if you happen to have bought (or harvested) a lot of, say, pumpkin, you can check the pumpkin chapter for inspiration. There’s also a chapter about pickling and making jam, so I guess the books will be put to use soon! :D