Make your own “storebought” Marzipan Cake (1st try)

After the cake discussion with mihl in the commentary to my boyfriend’s birthday cake, I decided to try converting the “shake & bake” recipe to a marzipan cake à la readymade Dr Oetker. So I subbed the coffee with rice milk and used 150g of marzipan instead of the 150g ground nuts. Since marzipan already contains sugar, I only added about 245g sugar instead of the 300g the original recipe calls for. Then I realized that in all probability the little chunks of marzipan wouldn’t really mix with the rest of the batter, so I tried blending them in with the hand-held mixer. It didn’t make a lot of difference, so I just baked it as it was (note: it only took about 50 minutes rather than a full hour!). You can see the result in the slice picture below – even the individual little chunks of marzipan (sorry about the injured sugar butterfly!). It tasted really good, but it could still use some additional choc chips or something. Next time I’ll try using margarine instead of canola oil; maybe I can blend the margarine, marzipan and sugar first and add the remaining ingredients later and thus achieve the perfect pseudo-storebought marzipan cake. ;)

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