I Heart Fesenjan!

On Friday, Kris and I went to the Indian grocery store and found a new spice to try out: Anardana powder, which is made from dried pomegranate seeds and pulp. Of course we immediately decided to buy some and do some creative cooking the next day.
Here’s a picture of what I bought (and yay, I finally have Sriracha!!):

So last night, we made bazu‘s recipe for Fesenjan (Pomegranate Stew). Okay, we cheated a bit and used ground walnuts (for lack of a food processor), but it turned out lovely!
Since we couldn’t get pomegranate paste (we checked!), we used 2 tsp. Anardana powder mixed in with 1/4 c. pure pomegranate juice. The powder adds a lot of tanginess while still preserving the unique pomegranate taste, so it probably works better than lemon juice. I made some fresh seitan to use in the Fesenjan, and this is the yummy, yummy result:

Kris and I both agreed: Food (in general) should be exactly this colour and consistency. We both love the complex warm and tangy flavours, too. So we vote this the perfect comfort food. Thanks, bazu (and bazu’s grandma)! :D


4 thoughts on “I Heart Fesenjan!

  1. oh, ein link zum originalrezept, wie praktisch! da muss ich zum dereinstigen nachkochen ja noch nicht einmal eine internetrecherche machen…
    (und ja, jetzt sage ich es nochmal persönlich: perfect comfort food!)

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