The Tapioca Experiments! Episode 2

Okay, my experiment is still in phase one, i.e. tapioca pudding, but I’ve tried a little twist: For my second attempt at pudding, I chose the bigger pearls, and since I love Indian semolina pudding and similar desserts, I added some cinnamon and cardamom to the original recipe. Results: In pudding I prefer the smaller tapioka pearls, but I love the sweet-and-spicy version!

In other news, further empiric research (yum!) has led to my choosing the best vegan (or otherwise) chocolate bar in the world.
And the winner is:

Finally, we have discovered that Bärenland now has totally vegan gummy candy without beeswax or anything. These little hearts are made with pectin and real fruit juices and come in pineapple, orange, raspberry, and blackcurrant flavours. I’m not too keen on blackcurrant, but it seems that with Bärenland products you always get blackcurrant somewhere in the mix.

They turned out to be the perfect snack for finally watching WALL·E, which exceeded all my expectations (so cute!).

One comment

  1. zur not musst du die dunklen weingummis einfach für mich aufbehalten — ich mag die nämlich am liebsten. ;)

    gerade habe ich tapioca-perlen zum einweichen aufgestellt, und dann gehen die lustigen experimente gleich weiter…

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