Loot! …and possible danger of sugar overdose

Yes, once again I went on an online shopping binge and spent lots of electromoney on vegan goodies.
Here’s the loot (okay, after I put the “cheese” in the fridge):

That’s right, I finally have Go Max Go bars! I immediately ate a Mahalo bar, and it turned out to be better than a shipload of Bounty bars. Whee!

BTW, my new favourite jelly sweets are these yummy little frogs, made with real kiwi and pectin as gelling agent, so they taste very fruity and don’t stick to your teeth the way gummy candy made with starch does.

And since we were out of cookies, I made the Peanut Butter CrissCrosses from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and now we’ll probably never want ordinary sugar cookies in this house again. Unbelievable crunchiness! :D

(And since I’m currently reading The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes, I’m inclined to generously point out a valuable hint to you: There’s lots of hidden information about my boyfriend in this picture.) ;)

Coming soon: More Go Max Go bars (to be sure!) – and my new project, The Tapioca Experiments! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Loot! …and possible danger of sugar overdose

  1. Don’t do this! These kind of posts are dangerous for me. You know, a stand-by internet connection, food porn and the “in den Warenkorb legen” button at the vegan online store…

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