Cinnamon Rolls!

Ever since we finished that birthday cake, I had this craving for more baked goods, but I was too lazy to make anything. So today I finally spent some time comparing ingredients lists with what’s left around the kitchen and decided to make the Cinnamon Rolls from Vegan Brunch. At first I was a bit scared of rolling out the dough, since IMO that’s the worst part of making something with yeast dough (but I love the taste enough to do this once in a while). Surprise! The kitchen table that came with my new flat turned out to be perfect for rolling out dough, since the lacquered tabletop comes really close to a non-stick surface. And the dough turned out so smooth and perfect that it practically rolled itself out. (Thank you, Isa!)
On ingredients: From my childhood, I’m used to only two kinds of icing for anything – the white one was powdered sugar and lemon juice, and the pink one was powdered sugar and (38%) rum. So this is the first time I made vanilla icing (using oat milk), and it’s divine!

…And just because I love the way these “snails” look, here are some more pics:


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