Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

So, what did we do for (Un)Valentine’s Day? Right! Stay in, watch The IT Crowd and The Changeling (featured in the Boston Globe’s list of the top 50 scariest horror movies of all time), and eat my freshly baked Triple Chocolate Cupcakes.
The recipe I used for the batter is basically Isa’s recipe for Chocolate Orange Cupcakes. I just skipped the “orange” part and added chunks of dark chocolate instead of melting it. Then, to make the chocolate & chocolate chunk cupcakes even more decadent, I decorated them with Anna’s Chocolate Frosting, using rum flavour extract instead of the almond extract (so it tasted a lot like chocolate rum truffles).
And for the second time in a row, the ppk’s archives have helped me use up what’s left in my kitchen cupboards – and made a couple of chocolate lovers very happy! :D

Even unfrosted, they’re really pretty!

Cupcake Paradise.


  1. Pics, pics, pics! We also un-celebrated un-Valentine’s day by ingnoring it and eating vegan fondue and marbled cake. Just a regular Sunday ;)

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