Getting well, and getting busy in the kitchen!

I’m back home! Right after I got my pain meds, I went and bought a huge amount of veggies that will hopefully last me most of next week. Among other things, I got a beautiful butternut squash, so I can have slow-roasted butternut squash and mashed potatoes, and two pounds of broccoli. Haha! At home I realized how much food I’d actually bought, so the first thing I did was cut off the florets of half the broccoli and freeze them. So what did I do with the stems, and what’s that bubbling away on my stovetop?
It’s… Chickpea Soup with Broccoli (stems) and Carrots, something I improvised on the spot, out of my need for vitamins and protein after all those ready-made soups and bread I got at the hospital.
Let’s see if it turns out edible!


3 thoughts on “Getting well, and getting busy in the kitchen!

  1. It turned out really tasty, too. And orange. Orange food makes me happy. In the evening, I reheated it with some soymilk, and that didn’t even make a lot of difference. Pictures coming soon!

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