Brainstorming: Post-Hospital Foods

So I’m recovering from my tonsillectomy, and the healing’s going pretty well. I’m allowed to go home tomorrow, and I’m pondering what foods I can make myself at home. For the next two weeks (at least) I’m allowed no hot, hard/rough, sour/acidic or spicy food.
I can’t even eat fresh fruit (although preserves and compotes are allowed).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far (apart from mild soups of all kinds):
– mashed potatoes with soymilk and vegan margarine (the smoother, the better)
– soy vanilla ice cream
– mild scrambled tofu or omelettes, prepared with silken tofu
– cream spinach and vegetable purrées
– (semolina) pudding
– creamy polenta (variations)
– small pasta with a mild sauce
– peanut butter (or cashew butter) smoothies
– soft cereal or porridge
– avocado!
– oh, and I’m definitely going to try making a home-made slushie!

I just realized that most of the things I just listed can be found on “home-made baby foods” websites. *g*
So if I run out of ideas, I might even give one of these a try. :D

ETA: During dinner, I mentally added these two things to my list:
– soft bread with (not very spicy) Tartex spread
– and, of course, those frozen tofu/seitan burgers they have at Spar!


2 thoughts on “Brainstorming: Post-Hospital Foods

  1. Thanks for the warning, Phoebe. I’m supposed to keep the surgery scars cool, and I’m allowed ice cream. I’m going to be very careful not to use anything sour, and at first I’ll just take a tiny sip (I know how cold these things are!). If it hurts, I’ll stop and abandon the project. ;)
    BTW, I bought such a lot of beautiful fresh veggies today (to cook and purée, the poor tasty things), I guess it will be some time before I remember about Project Slushie.

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